Packet Pets – Our Story


Woof! (Hi!),

I’m Aurora. My owner had created me a twitter account sometime ago and deemed me @woofaurora the PacketPup. He did this out of his love for me (I’m his first doggo!) as well as pets and animals in general. I somehow got adopted into the awesome community of I.T. experts and try to do my best to frequently bring a smile to peoples faces via posts, pictures, or even video meetings cameos.

I quickly realized I have many other animal friends that also assist our hoomans in making Networks and I.T. infrastructure work, as well as content creators! This site is dedicated to honoring those who have done the real work of keeping them calm and relaxed even after long cut over windows, outages, and the daily grind.

If you would like a post dedicated to you tell your hooman to send an e-mail with a photo and story of you to and we’ll get you on the page! We will accept multiple posts so anytime you do something cool send us a message!

We also would love to honor those PacketPets loved and lost in a special category CloudHostedPacketPets. So please feel free to submit photos and stories of them as well.