Roly – The Friend of Animals

Meet Roly the rescue pug! We registered to be pug fosterers expecting months of waiting and then careful vetting to find a doggo who’d fit in with the rest of our menagerie of cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and chickens! A couple of days later and Roly came to us from a home where his owner just couldn’t cope with him! We don’t know how old he is, or what has been wrong with him in past lives (he has a decidedly one-sided loll of the tongue!) but he’s very sweet natured and brilliant with the other animals! Hoping he becomes a permanent fixture with us!

Submitted by our friend @darenfulwell

2 thoughts on “Roly – The Friend of Animals

  1. Update: Roly has had lumps and teeth removed and we’ve now completed his adoption – he’s a regular fixture on Zoom calls with me snoring in the background 🙂

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